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   Welcome to Savage farm Winery's beer page! Please check back regularly for new beers. We will be changing the beer selection throughout the season. Also listed here are our hard ciders as well. Beers will be listed by color, and we may not have every type on tap. 

 We are pleased to be the first beer/cider growler filling location in the tri-county area. We hope you take advantage of this newest service! 

Ales/Saisons:  Four Mile - Pale Ale

                        Windy Brew - American Ale

                        42 North - Treaty Saison


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Brown Ales/​Porters:​  ​Woodcock Brothers - Porter

Cranberry hard apple cider

Tap 11

Ambers: Woodcock Red Head Amber


​Sold by the tasting, a glass, or in a growler only due to no additives or preservatives.

Seasonal: Peal Street - Train Wreck

Tap 14


Hard apple cider

?? hard apple cider

Tap 13

Red Raspberry hard apple cider

IPA's: Woodcock Brothers - IPA

           Woodcock Brothers - Devils Hole IPA

           Allegheny - IPA 

Blackberry hard apple cider

Tap 12

Wheat: ​​Windy Brew - Wild Cherry Wheat

Strawberry-Rhubarb hard apple cider