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Apple hard apple cider

Other Beers:

Cherry hard apple cider

Cans:                                          Bottles:

Resurgence - Peanut Butter Porter                          Coors Lite

​Four Mile - Polynomial Pale Ale

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Plum hard apple cider


Seasonal/Other:  Hamburg -  Lake View Lager​

                            Windy Brew - Barry's Heffeweizen

                            SteelBound - Subabrew

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Blackberry hard apple cider

IPA's: Four Mile - Green St. IPA




​Sold by the tasting, a glass, or in a growler only due to no additives or preservatives.

Cranberry hard apple cider 

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Brown Ales/​Porters:​  ​Resurgence - Peanut Butter Porter

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Ambers:  Woodcock - Red Head Amber Ale

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Ales/Saisons:  Four Mile - It's All About Me - cream ale

​                        Anchor Steam Brewery - Anchor Steam - cream ale

                        Windy Brew - Guava Pale Ale

                        Genessee - Lemon Strawberry cream ale (very light)

​                        Michelob Ultra

Blushing Brider hard apple cider (grapey)