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    Savage farm Winery's Oktoberfest beer special is on NOW! Buy a 27oz souvenir beer mug with a seasonal FALL beer of your choice for only $12. Refills of seasonal beers are only $5. These sold out FAST so be sure to come in and get yours today!

Ales/Saisons:  Windy Brew - Big Tree Pale Ale



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Brown Ales/​Porters:​  

Cherry hard apple cider

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Ambers: Woodcock Red Head Amber


​Sold by the tasting, a glass, or in a growler only due to no additives or preservatives.

Seasonal: Windy Brew - Pumpkin Porter

                Windy Brew - HarvestFest (Octoberfest style)

​                Genesee - Oktoberfest

                Resurgence - Oktoberfest

​                Woodcock - Oktoberfest

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Hard apple cider

Strawberry Rhubarb hard apple cider

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Plum hard apple cider

Pomegranate hard apple cider

IPA's: Four Mile - Clouded Judgement (N.E. IPA)

           42 North - Borderland IPA 

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Black Currant hard apple cider

Stouts:  Resurgence - Sponge Candy Stout