​1. All minors (under 21 years of age) MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian AT ALL TIMES. The minor must stay seated at the table when outside or by the parent's side when inside the winery.

2. You must have a designated driver for any vehicle with a child 15 years old and younger, per Leandra's Law.

3. NO chasing after ANY animals, including the chickens.

4. As this is an adult drinking establishment, there may be adult language used and adult topics discussed. We do NOT have any children's activities.

5. All of our animals are production farm animals, not a petting zoo. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion.

6. Shoes must be worn at all times due to chicken poop and possible unseen broken glass, including on the grass.


​1. All pets MUST be on leash at all times.

(Per Sardinia Town Law)

2. No pets are allowed to be locked in a vehicle if the temp outside is under 50 or over 70 degrees.

3. Only certified service animals are allowed inside the winery. (Please ask a server to make sure no customers inside are severely allergic to your dog before going inside.)

4. Please use the designated potty area.

5. Absolutely no pets are allowed near the farm fencing, especially dogs!

(Dogs are alpaca's nature predator and the alpacas WILL injure themselves in fear).

6. Do not allow your pet to chase the chickens.

7. If there is any aggression shown, you will be asked to lock your pet in your vehicle.

​8. The following breeds (and mixed with breeds) are not permitted on the property due to insurance regulations: Akita, Chow, German Shepard, Doberman, Pit Bull, Rottweilers, Mastiff.