Pink Savage: A sweet blush wine made from Catawba grapes. A wonderful fruity wine!  9% RS  ​$13.00

Influence Riesling: ​This semi-dry riesling is fresh with great balance and intensity of flavors. Enjoy its crisp finish! 1.25% RS    ​$18.00

Sweet Wines:

Apple Spice: ​ This sweet white wine is made from 100% apples, locally grown and pressed. We added mulling spices to bring that "apple pie" flavor to this wine. 5.5% RS.     $1300

Special Limited Wines: (Available while supplies last)

Loganberry: This unique sweet red wine is a hometown favorite! Perfect for sangrias and wine slushies! 12% RS    ​$13.00

Caveman White: ​This wine is packed with the flavor of fresh picked Niagara grapes! 5% RS    ​$11.00

Jason's Vineyard Merlot: This merlot has​ lush red fruit flavors, easy tannins and a soft finish . 0% RS    ​$6.00

Caveman Red: ​This dry red wine has robust concord grape flavor. Something a little non-traditional for dry wine drinkers! 0% RS     ​$11.00

Rockwell Cabernet Franc:  ​This deep red dry wine offers floral, plum, blackberry, cassis, spice and fresh herb or leafy aromas and flavors.  ​$32.00

Caveman White: ​This tasty white wine has lush Niagara grape flavor. Excellent chilled! 0% RS    ​$11.00

Dry Wines:

Savage Wine Selection:

Solstice Sangria: is made with estate-grown Concord grapes and natural fruit juice and essences.  Notes of citrus, berries, and tropical passionfruit flavors together create an easy-to-drink and refreshing beverage.  Serve well-chilled or over ice.     ​$10.00 (1.5L)

Cherry:​  Lightly sweetened to balance the cherries natural tartness makes this a smooth 100% cherry wine. 5.5% RS    $13.00

Raspberry: This refreshing and lightly sweetened blush wine has a wonderful berry flavor. 5.5% RS    $13.00

Caveman Red: This sweet red wine bursts with Concord grape flavor! 5% RS​    $11.00

Cavebitch Blush:  This Isabella sweet blush wine has unusual boysenberry-like aromas and flavors unlike any other grape variety.  5% RS   ​$13.00

Vidal: ​This subtly sweet wine has soft vanilla overtones. 5% RS    $13.00

Sweet Wines:

Sweeter Wines:

Semi-Dry Wines:

Sparkling Savage: ​This gently sweetened fizzy blush wine is a blend of seval, niagara, and fredonia. 4% RS    $16.00

Primate: (Out of stock) This deep colored wine is made from 50% raspberries and 50% blackberries. Softly sweetened to enhance the berries' flavor. 5.5% RS.    $13.00 (1/2 bottle)

Red Savage: This deep red dry wine is a blend of syrah and merlot. Excellent balance with a smooth finish  ​$18.00

Blackberry Blush  This deep colored wine is made from 30% raspberries and 70% blackberries. Lightly sweetened to enhance the berries' flavor. 5.5% RS.    $18.00 

Cavebitch Red:  This dry red wine is made from Chambourcin grapes. It has notes of black cherry and chocolate with high acidity and low tannins. This wine has a wonderful smooth finish.  0% RS   ​$18.00 

Blueberry: This deep colored wine is made from 100% blueberries. Softly sweetened to bring out the berries' flavor. 5.5% RS.    $13.00 (1/2 bottle)

*Prices DO NOT include tax*

Strawberry rhubarb:  This blush colored wine is made from 100% strawberries and rhubarb and lightly sweetened. 5.5% RS.    $15.00 (1/2 bottle)

Vidal:  ​This tasty white wine has hints of vanilla and is a light, refreshing white wine. Perfect chilled for the summer! 0% RS    ​$13.00

Caveman Black:  This tasty sweet blush wine is a new addition to the Savage wines! All natural black current flavors make this a fun and fruity wine.   ​$13.00

Guest Wine Selection:

Golden Savage: ​A sweet Riesling!  Sweet and smooth for all occasions.  ​$16.00

Influence Malbec: ​The high-toned, floral nature of Malbec shines through with pretty aromas of violets, but also fruit-forward notes of blueberry and blackberry. There’s also a subtle black pepper spiciness    ​$24.00

Dry Wines:

Johnson Estate Peach: ​This sweet peach wine is fresh with great balance and intensity of flavors. Enjoy its crisp finish!     ​$13.00

​Semi-Sweet Wines:

Neanderthal:  (Out of stockThis is a special, limited edition Concord wine. Naturally sweet, the alcohol content will be around 18%.   ​$15.00  (1/2 bottle) 

Pindar Moscato: ​This wine is light-bodied and sweet with flavors of peach and orange blossoms.     ​$10.00 (1.5L)

White Savage: ​ A light dry white wine blend of six grapes. Wonderful chilled for the summer.  $13.00