White Savage Dry (Savage Winery) - Our dry, crisp, and complex six white wine blend. $12.00

Caveman White (Savage Winery) - This fruity white has distinct Niagara grape flavor.  $10.00

Vidal(Savage Winery) - A light, clean wine with notes of pineapple and a hint of floral.  $12.00
Riesling(Leonard Oakes) - notes of citrus and green apple with a balanced acidity.  $17.00
Chardonnay (Leonard Oakes) - aromas of carnations and banana with a hint of pineapple.  $17.00

Dry Diamond​ (Gust of Sun) - This drier version of Diamond has nice acidity that complements apple, grape, and pineapple flavors, which is slightly sweetened for balance.  $18.00

Chardonnay (Gust of Sun) - ​this dry white has medium oak with a smooth, buttery finish.  ​$20.00
Pinot Grigio (Suhru) - zingy citrus aromas with lemon and lime flavors sporting a hint of grapefruit.  $20.00
Sauvignon Blanc (Martha Clara) - Intense aromas of guava and passion fruit on the nose, with vibrant acidity on the palate.  $22.00

Sauvignon Blanc (Leonard Oakes) - Classic characteristics of gooseberries and tropical fruits with a subtle grassy note. $23.00

Pinot Gris (Long Cliff) - Aromatically complex; herbal notes with hints of citrus fruit and ginger. $17.00

Aurelia (Schulze Vineyards & Winery) - Crisp white blend, aromas of peach and passion fruit coalesce with lemongrass and pear. $21.00

Cabernet Franc Rosé (BOE) -  this wine presents a beautiful balance of fruit flavors, refreshing acidity, and a clean, crisp finish.  $14.00
Caveman Red (Savage Winery) - A deep-bodied Concord wine bursting with grape flavor.  $10.00
Cabernet Franc (Leonard Oakes) - Notes of cherry licorice and vanilla with structured tannins.  $17.00
Merlot (Mazza Chautauqua Cellars) - Aged in an oak barrel, this red has medium tannins with hints of mocha, cassis and blackberries. $21.00
Meritage (Leonard Oakes) - Notes of dried cherries, vanilla and brown sugar with soft tannins.  $29.00
Malbec (Influence) - A subtle black pepper spiciness with fruit-forward notes of blueberry and blackberry.   $24.00
Ember (Suhru) - This red  has blueberry, blackberry, and cassis aromas. On the mid-palate there is a hint of vanilla and a slight raisin-y intensity.  $25.00

Petit Verdot (T’Jara) - This bold red has aromas of plum and violet with a strong fruit flavor.   $30.00

Cabernet Franc (Rockwell) - Aromas of sweet berries and light spices add to the flavors of slight vanilla and subtle tannins with a balanced finish.  $36.00
Leo Family Red (Leo Family Wines) - This is a blend of 6 different red grapes to make a wine with black and blue fruits joined by mocha and medium-intense tannins.  $50.00

​VP Petit Verdot (Pellegrini Vineyards)This full-bodied red is earthy and peppery with rich wild berry flavors.  $50.00
VP Encore 
(Pellegrini Vineyards)Loads of dark fruit, blackberry, vanilla & smoke abound on the nose; giving way to more intense black cherry and dried herbs on the palate.  $50.00

Riesling (Influence) - This white is floral and bright with aromas of fresh blueberries and black plum, finishing soft and silky.  $18.00

Riesling (Mazza Chautauqua Cellars) - A delicate white with tropical fruits and a crisp finish. $19.00

​Dry Diamond​ (Gust of Sun) - This drier version of Diamond has nice acidity that complements apple, grape, and pineapple flavors, which is slightly sweetened for balance.  $18.00
Carpe Vino Rosé (Carpe Vino) -  This Merlot-based rose is deep, rich, and full-fruited with good acidity and a clean

finish.  $22.00

Liebestropfchen (Johnson Estate) - This luscious, rich and fruity pale golden wine uniquely captures the fully-ripened character of the Delaware grape.   $12.00
Bare Bones Moscato (Mazza Chautauqua Cellars) -  Notes of peach and orange blossom with a touch of fizz.   $16.00
Bare Bones White (Mazza Chautauqua Cellars) - A fresh and simple blend of white with a clean finish.   $16.00
N/V Glaciers End White (Martha Clara) - This intriguing blend offers a mélange of aromas including tropical fruits and hints of salt water taffy.  $17.00


Bare Cat Blush (Black Willow) - Light and pleasantly sweet with floral aromas.  $12.00

Rosa'lina (Willow Creek) - ​​Smooth and fruity with hints of grapes and berries.  $14.00

N/V Glaciers End Rosé (Martha Clara)A fun easy drinking rosé with notes of ripe strawberry and cherry.  $17.00

N/V Glaciers End Red (Martha Clara) - The aroma shows dark fruits and plum. The palate demonstrates flavors of a freshly baked mixed berry pie.  $17.00

Caveman White (Savage Winery) - Lightly sweetened white with full Niagara grape flavor.  $10.00

Vidal (Savage Winery) - A light, clean wine with notes of pineapple and a hint of floral.  $12.00
Apple (Savage Winery) - Made from a blend of several different types of locally grown apples mulled with spices that include cinnamon, clove and nutmeg$12.00
White Ipocras (Johnson Estate) -  Made from Estate Niagara wine, it’s a bright medium gold color with bold, fruity, and spicy aromas of cinnamon, clove, dried apple, and dried apricot with brisk finish with fruit tannins. $12.00

De Peche Meow (Black Willow) - ​A sweet peach wine with fresh picked peach and floral aromas. This white has sumptuous fruit flavor and a smooth refreshing finish.  ​$14.00

Sax on the Beach (Gust of Sun) - A sweet, peach and apricot- infused Niagara and Diamond blend.​​  ​$16.00

Sweet Diamond (Gust of Sun) - ​This sweet version of diamond is a very smooth, easy-drinking wine.  $18.00

Gewurztraminer (Pellegrini Vineyards) - This white delivers a combination of clove, passion fruit and caramel on the palate with rich mouth feel and a smooth lingering finish.  $25.00
Caveman Black (Savage Winery) - Light and fruity with flavors of black currant.  $12.00

Pink Savage ​(Savage Winery) - This pink Catawba wine is the perfect bland of light and crisp grape flavor with the delightful blend of sweet and tart.  ​$12.00
Raspberry (Savage Winery) - Sweet and tart makes this a unique blush wine.  $12.00
Lighthouse Point Rosé (Mazza Chautauqua Cellars) - A fruity blend of Niagara and Concord.  $12.00

Rasp-ody in Blue (Gust of Sun) - ​A sweet, raspberry-infused blend of Niagara and Concord.  $16.00

Caveman Red (Savage Winery) - A lightly sweetened Concord wine.  $10.00
Cherry (Savage Winery) - A bright red wine made with 100% cherries.  $12.00
Red Ipocras (Johnson Estate) - Notes of cinnamon and pepper highlight this red that is made from Estate Concord wine.   $12.00

Black Widow Berry (Black Willow) - Aromas of sweet concord jam, red cherries and strawberry jelly bursting with fruit flavors.  $13.00

Cherry Sun Burst​ (Gust of Sun) - A sweet, deep red, cherry-infused blend of Frontenac, concord, and

tart cherry wines.​  $16.00 

Specialty Wines:
Loganberry(Savage Winery) - A wonderfully sweet red dessert-like wine.  $12.00
GrapeAGranate (Johnson Estate) - A sweet blend of white wine an pomegranate juice.  $12.00

Chocolate Peppermint Patty (Willow Creek) - ​Deep, rich dark chocolate and natural mint flavors married with rich grape wine.  $15.00

Fuzzy Cat (Willow Creek) - Sweet, carbonated Catawba grape wine that is delightfully refreshing, rich and crisp.  ​$20.00

Chocolate Temptations (Willow Creek) - ​Deep rich dark chocolate flavor marries with rich grape flavors and aromas with a velvety finish.  $20.00
Sparkling Traminette (Johnson Estate) - A semi-dry white wine that is bubbly, bright and fruity with aromas of passion fruit and guava.  $24.00
Shindig FIZZI Pink (BOE) - This semi-dry blush is made from 100% cabernet franc. It is a fruit-forward, zesty berry explosion, made in a brut style.  $24.00

Flight 6.1.37 (Black Willow) - This 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon port dessert wine has aromas of chocolate and toasted coconut with flavors of caramelized fruit and hints of spice.  ​$26.00
Ice Wine of Vidal Blanc (Mazza Chautauqua Cellars) - Harvested and pressed from frozen vidal grapes with soft notes of honey and marmalade.  $50.00

Mead Wines:

Odin's Nectar (Black Willow) - Golden yellow in color with aromas of honeycomb and toasted almonds. It is off-dry and medium bodied with flavors of vanilla milk and spicy dried pear.  $20.00

Freya's Passion (Black Willow) - 100% honey wine with strawberry and vanilla that finishes with a full creamy taste sensation.  $20.00

Valkyrie's Lure (Black Willow) - A 100% honey wine with aromas of sweet pear and the flavor of lingerering warm cinnamon.  ​$20.00

Savage@Woodcock has a large selection of wines to taste and purchase.

The wines are only available at the winery: not to buy online. We do not sell online and ship due to the numerous laws of every town, county and state.

​*This is a limited list. More wines are available at the winery!*

Savage@Woodcock Wine List