*Failure to follow these rules may result in large fines, the loss of our licenses, and/or being shut down!*

Rules for drinking at the winery:

1.  We have VERY limited space inside. 

2.  ALL eating and drinking MUST be SITTING at a table or barrel.                        

      *No wandering with drinks in-hand*

3.  All customers MUST wear a face mask when entering the winery and when you leave the table or barrel.

4. A group must be NO MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE, seated ONLY 4 per table and MUST be at least 6 feet from other customers.

5. NO MORE THAN 16 people in the winery, including other customers. MAX 1 group of no more than 4 people per table! Because customers MUST be seated while drinking, we only have room for 4 chairs at the bar.

6. You MUST wear a mask while talking in the winery. Example: Take drink, put mask back on. Take another drink, put mask back on. Keep repeating until drink is gone. This is not a fun process but necessary if we don't want to get busted for not enforcing the Liquor Authority rules.

8. Only one restroom indoors. NO waiting or forming a line!.

9.  ALL
children must stay at the table/barrel or by the parent's side while in the winery to maintain social distancing. Running around is not permitted at a liquor establishmentClick on the "Pets and Children" page above for further rules and regulations.


*Failure to follow these rules may result in the loss of our licenses and/or being shut down!*

Thank you for your understanding during trying this time.